Anonymous said: Brazil pics, pretty please? Amazing blog btw! :)

Sure! :) And thank you!

Anonymous said: I was wondering if you could do brazil and sweden? :)

Yepp! :)

Already featured photos of Brazil you can find here and of Sweden here!

s0radi0active said: this blog is really cool! You should googleWinchester, Uk! they have some pretty neat pictures that would look awesome on your blog! xoxox

Thank you! :D Winchester seems to be a really pretty town. I’ll post some pictures I liked soon! :)

Anonymous said: can you post some pictures of England?

Of course! I don’t even know where to start. :D If you have some requests that are more specific, let me know. I also have already a lot of photos from England on my blog. Take a look here! :)

Anonymous said: could you post some pictures of San Diego/ Santa Monica California?

I posted some photos of San Diego a while ago. You can check them out here! More coming up next!

eurofag said: Hey! I just wanted to say, I love your blog. I use a lot of your pictures for my own blog( but mine is only about europe :P ), and I was just wondering - I've always wanted to see pictures of the Arabian peninsula and those areas, since I think the culture is really interesting. Would you mind posting some pictures of that area? Thank you!

Hey! Thanks so much! I’m also a big fan of your blog. Keep it coming! The Arabian Peninsula is really fascinating and beautiful. I’ll try to find some nice photos. :) xxx

Anonymous said: Tulsa,OK / Philadelphia, PA / Boston, MA

You can find previous pictures of Tulsa here, of Philadelphia here and of Boston here. :)

Anonymous said: can you post pictures of iran? :) there are some real beautiful places there. thank you <3

Here you can find some photos of Iran I posted earlier. I have some more though! :) Iran is beyond beautiful. I would love to be there someday…

Anonymous said: please post some pics of Argentina! :) like Bariloche (Patagonia), it's just so wonderful there ;)

I’ve posted some photos of Argentina already here. None of Bariloche though. I don’t know why, because it really is beautiful!

Coming next! :)

Could you post some photos of Malta please? :)

requested by

I will! :)

Could you please post some photos of Botswana? I’m just in love with it!

requested by

I’ve recently posted a few photos of Botswana. You can find them all here. I’ll look for some more. ;D

I’d like to request a place please

could you please please please post Blagaj, Bosnia ? :) thanks !

requested by

You’re quite a fan of Bosnia. :P Blagaj is coming up! :)

panacea-mjjr said: could you post pictures of Chile? :)

Sure! :)

Anonymous said: Can you please post a few photos from New Zealand?

I posted a lot of photos of New Zealand just yesterday. You can check them out here! :) But it won’t be the last time for sure!

Anonymous said: can you do county cork, ireland?

Funny you ask, I already had some posts prepared. And my mother is from Cork btw. :D

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